Contract Manufacturing

We manufacture products for our reputed clients around the globe on third party manufacturing basis. The bathing bars can be manufactured in any size depending on the requirements of the client. All of our products are cruelty free, vegetarian and derived from 100% pure natural ingredients. Do visit our website often as we are constantly updating our pages and adding our newest creations. Remember everyone loves natural, handmade soaps.

At present, we manufacture soaps in 20g/25g/30g/50g/60g/100g/110g & 125g. You can either select our existing size for your bathing bar or give us your size as per the market preference.

Batch size is not a problem. We can develop smaller batch sizes for clients who are interested in getting their products manufactured on trial basis. Although, the plant has a capacity to manufacture 100 Metric tons per month, therefore we can also execute medium and large volume orders. The soaps can be manufactured under your brand name as well.

Distribution & Dealer Network

For any queries related to product distribution we request you to please contact the undersigned.

Mr. Ramit S Malhotra
(Marketing & Business Development)
E :
M : +91 98 1002 2002


Please contact us at for any SPA, Hotel and Institutional enquiries. We would be happy to manufacture a tailor made product to suit your requirements. Our minimum batch size is10000 pieces per variant.